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This blog is mostly dedicated to all my own thoughts and perceptions of the zodiac signs. Feel free to ask questions and suggest anything.
Anonymous :
What do you think of a female Scorpio and a male Libra?
Also, do you think that a male Cancer would be more likely to fall for a female Scorpio or a female Pisces?

Thank you <3

Female Scorpios and male Libras always have an initial attraction. They are both naturally possessive and want to be the powerful one in the relationship. They’ll be the first to run to the bed together, but then they’ll realize that they’re just not right for each other. Libra men tend to be cocky, they love flattery and having their partner in the palm of their hand, and a strong Scorpio woman will get very annoyed of that.

A Cancer man could easily fall for both. All three signs are water signs, very in-tune with their emotions and crave romance. Pisces and Scorpio are very much alike, except for the fact that Scorpio is a fixed sign and Pisces is mutable. Fixed signs tend to attach themselves easily and sink deeply into whatever they’re involved in. Mutable signs are flexible, adaptable, and thrive on change. If a Cancer man is looking for intensity and passion, a Scorpio woman would be perfect. If he’s looking for a spiritual, emotional, and understanding relationship, a Pisces woman would be his best bet.

I haven’t been posting in so long, my bad guys.

antinodes :
I just want to help that Aquarius girl to get that Libra man. :]
I'm a Libra girl and I have to say that I've had a Libra boyfriend and he loved it whenever I complimented him. Also, he likes intelligent debates.
As a social Aquarius, you'll have no problem with socializing and intelligence. So go get him. ^__^
Also, I love your blog, astrochildren. :]

That is so typical of a Libra! It’s so true though. Libras love to talk and they love feeling important. And I’m not an Aquarius, but I’m really attracted to Aquariuses for some reason. Thank you! :)

xeebrah :
Hello! I am an Aquarius woman trying to pursue a Libra man. He initiated at first but now he's kind of backed off a bit. I don't know if I should go forward and initiate further contact or I should wait and let him come to me... What do you recommend?!?

This is what Aquarius and Libra are best at, keeping the other one guessing and wondering. He’s just retreating now because it’s in his nature, all you have to do is show him some attention, get him going, and then retreat a little just like he did. Both of you are Air signs, which means you enjoy the thrill of the chase and a challenge. This little game will keep both of you entertained.

Venus Enters Pisces - March 27th, 2011

Venus shifts into dreamy, romantic Pisces today. All Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) will feel more magnetic than usual and have a good chance to attract romantic opportunities. Scorpio and Virgo will have spectacular enjoyment in Love, there is potential for Taurus to hook up with a friend, and Leos, Libras, and Aquarius have a real chance to experience fairy tale-like situations in the next few days.

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Anonymous :
So I am a Female Virgo sun, scorpio moon, sagittarius asc. Venus Leo
I am in a relatioinship with a scorpio sun/moon, sag asc. Venus Sag...
There is some tension because as much as I feel we love being with each other and say it... as a virgo I feel that I am so much more open to communicating my feelings and vulnerabilities. I am actually open and loving, while he tells me he is just not the mushy type of guy. It usually says virgo's are cold, but with my scorpio I feel so at home... but as if he is holding back. Do you think it will change?

Scorpios are deceiving. They can have a cool, calm, and collected exterior whereas the inside they’re going nuts. Your Scorpio could have strong and real feelings for you but just doesn’t know how to express it. The Scorpio is the most misunderstood of the zodiac. They’re water signs, so they’re naturally in touch with their emotions and passions. And you’re right, Virgos are supposed to be more focused on the mind and less focused on getting attached and expressing emotions. 

I understand what you mean when you say you feel so at home with your Scorpio, I’ve felt the same way before. I felt so undeniably comfortable and at ease when I was with my Scorpio. Sometimes Scorpios seem so cold when they’re actually just dealing with something beneath the surface. I suggest talking to your guy and seeing what’s going on with him internally. He might just need to have a good opportunity to express himself.

Anonymous :
I'm an aquarius and I've only just noticed that the people that hurt me the most are scorpios, why is this the case?
am i doing something wrong? i've read that aquarius' usually push people away, which for me is normally true - except in relation to these people. These people are those who I've really admired and they all left me and even though I haven't spoken to some in over 5 years I still can't let go of them. My rising sign is in Cancer, my sun is in aquarius and my moon is in Virgo but apparently my true node is in Sagittarius...

Okay yes, Aquariuses are known for being kind of “cold” when it comes to relationships. Not because they don’t care but just because they require personal space to breathe and don’t wear their heart on their sleeve. I love Scorpios. I was once involved with a Scorpio guy and they are very…extreme. They show extreme hate, love, passion, jealousy, possessiveness, all of the above. Aquarius is Air and Scorpio is Water. You are the mind/spirit and Water is the heart/emotions. The experts say there’s bound to be clashes and arguments because both the Aquarius and Scorpio always want to be the best and the smartest. You’re both misunderstood and like following your own rules. Two people can always fall for each other, no matter what the sign, but it’s just how well it’ll end up when true colors come out…it’s just not the best pair even though you’re attracted to Scorpios a lot. 

mut-t-deactivated20111225-deact :
Hey :D
I like a Pisces guy, he's sweet and fun and outgoing, but he's like... he pays attention to you, and hugs you and talks to you and then suddenly turns around and acts like if you were a stranger or so... and I'm a Taurean, which means I like stability and I like to have things clear... so the question is, are Taurus and Pisces really compatible for a long term relationship... or will this differences end up in constant fights?

Well Pisces men are attentive and romantic lovers for sure :) But yes, they are emotional and sensitive so things could be a little unclear sometimes with how he feels. But this could balance out well since you’re the more level-headed and patient one. Work your Taurus powers and just be cool, calm, and collected even if it seems unstable at times. And don’t take it too personally or think it won’t work between you guys just because he turns around and does that sometimes, I’ve been in that position before and it’s confusing but he’s probably just being his outgoing self and being social. He might not even realize he’s doing it. Just keep your cool. Good luck! <3

It’s funny how I feel so attracted to certain men and then I find out their birthday and they’re usually always a Gemini. I have the best chemistry right from the get-go with Gemini men :) And I love Scorpio men as well. I was once romantically involved with a Scorpio and it was the best experience, they are so protective and childly possessive of you that it’s just fun. I love and miss him and I wish we still talked… :/ 

What kind of men/women are you usually attracted to?

It’s so funny observing my parents fight and whatnot. Not that they fight a lot or that I enjoy when they do, but their zodiac traits come out in full force! Haha :)